Celebrate #SpookySeason Sustainably

With the “rule of six” in place for this year's Halloween festivities, celebrations will look a lot different than usual. We have a social obligation to protect one another, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the fun home to our own household!

Nothing says Halloween quite like a carved pumpkin on your doorstep. We can all help support local farmers and reduce our carbon footprint by shopping locally this year. We promise it can be a lot more fun to visit a local pumpkin patch (with social distancing in place, of course) than your local supermarket.

Now, the fun doesn’t stop once you’ve carved your pumpkin! Don’t forget to use the flesh in a meal to keep your tummy full while you put on a spooky thriller! Our favourite dishes include pumpkin soups, vegetable curries and pumpkin pies, to name just a few.

For those of you who are still going to get in the spirit and dress-up for your Zoom-oween parties, let’s be mindful of the often poor-quality, cheaply made costumes sold every year for Halloween. When we think we’re getting a “bargain”, we may actually be supporting unsustainable practices and materials. Think reduce, reuse and recycle or even upcycle - is there anything in your closet that you could repurpose? Alternatively, have a look for local businesses that hire costumes. The pandemic would definitely have had an impact on their businesses so support locally where possible. 

Unsustainable practices don’t stop at your outfit. Decorations tend to have the same low-cost attributes as clothing... Your witches, ghosts, and bats do not have to be outsourced. Why not get your creative hat on and have a go at DIY decorations this Halloween? A few of our favourites consist of: 

  • Bed sheet ghosts - take some old white bed sheets and some string and hang them from the ceiling to give that spooky effect 
  • Front yard cemetery - upcycle old used cereal boxes or other cardboard and cut them into tombstones
  • Egg cartons bats - more upcycling with your old egg cartons and some googly eyes

Halloween this year will definitely be different, but different doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We hope you enjoy this Halloween with your households and that our tips can help you celebrate #spookyseason sustainably!

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