Celebrate Valentine’s in style from the comfort of your home

Valentine’s day in lockdown? Now we may not be getting ready to go to a fancy date in the Shard this year, but that doesn't mean romance is dead. There are plenty of ways to spoil your significant other, or yourself, this year, so we decided to make your shopping decisions that little bit easier and show you how you can make Valentine’s day special at home. We know you’re probably thinking it’s not quite as sexy as your usual Valentine’s plans, but it is a lot more sustainable than the last minute bouquet of roses from Tesco’s.


Dirty Gin Martini Cocktail Box - £39.95

Start the evening with a cocktail to set the mood. Gin and Vermouth are an excellent pairing and this dirty martini is the perfect match. Just add olives. This box makes 8 Martinis. We hope that’s enough for you - if not you could always add two to your basket (please drink responsibly).



Relaxing Bath Salts - £19.99 

Create a sense of calm, harmony and romance with our relaxing bath salts. Aimed at helping you wind down and perfect for some time in the tub together once you’re feeling a little tipsy from the cocktails ;).



Raspberry Peppercorn Natural Soy Wax Candle 10oz - £20

Would it be right to celebrate Valentine’s day without a candle to create the perfect ambience?  Ripe black raspberries together with pink and black peppercorns make for a versatile, all-year candle, but especially good for a bit of love-making.


Whether you’ll be celebrating with a significant other or loving yourself that little bit extra, we believe everyone deserves a special Valentine’s day. Enjoy!

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