Why does shopping small matter?

By now, everyone has heard of shopping small…  shopping local… shopping small business…  but what does it actually MEAN and what's in it for us as consumers?

To us, shopping small means supporting your local community, both online and offline. In 2020 especially, we have seen corporations like Amazon thrive whilst small businesses suffer. It’s time for us to take back control and reconnect with independent, small businesses.

We get it - it’s all too easy to fall prey to Amazon’s promise of express delivery in a world where everything is at your fingertips and your products arrive immediately the next day. But next time you’re shopping online, take a moment to be mindful of the effect your purchases can have. With a click of your mouse, you can help a small business achieve their dreams this Christmas.

Shopping small also extends offline. We are in a lockdown right now, but try to bear this in mind post-lockdown. We all have the choice between going out and buying mass-produced Costa Coffee or supporting the independent coffee store down the road, that we walk past every now and then. Remember, your local barista is your neighbour, your friend - they’ll provide perfectly curated cups of coffee and customer service that you won’t find at a chain! 

You don’t even necessarily have to buy anything to support a small business. There are many ways you can support someone’s dream, without having to be a regular shopper. Here’s a few: 

  • Post, comment, share on Instagram and Facebook! Let people know they exist - it costs you nothing, but means the world to them! 
  • Sign up for their reward program (if they have one) - it’s a win-win since you’ll see freebies in return for your purchases!
  • Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about them, if you were impressed with what they had to offer.

And for all of those that love statistics and economics, here’s a few eye-watering figures and facts to consider: small businesses in the UK alone employ 16.3m people, which equates to approximately 60% of the private sector. They contribute up to 70p per £1 back to their local economy. Talk about giving back to your community!

Part of the reason we formed Maitree was to directly support small businesses by giving them a platform. We make an effort to ensure our products are supplied by small businesses that are working to create the change we need to see.

Don’t forget to share and support small businesses this Christmas, so you can support your local community and they can support you in return.

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