The best sustainable Christmas gifts to buy each star sign for less than £20

Let’s be real, when it comes to Xmas shopping, standard gift guides tend to miss the mark. Not only for finding the kinds of gifts that will genuinely appeal to our (sometimes hard-to-please) friends and family, but also for gifts that align with the sort of ethos we’re lately trying to implement into our buying habits. Because the holiday season should be no exception for sustainable buying! In fact, it should be the incentive. According to the Bank of England, a typical household in the UK spends an extra £800 pounds in December compared to other months, so it’s only right that we make that spending as eco-friendly as possible.

So this year, to make sure we really become the sustainable Santa that all our friends and family will cherish, we’re looking to the stars for assistance. No, really. And not just to spot the flying sleigh. We at Maitree have put together the ultimate zodiac sign Christmas gift guide to simplify all your shopping needs. With the right astrological direction and gifts with good intentions, it’ll be hard to go wrong with these picks.



These candle holders are kind of the epitome of cool. As a cute talking point that’s quirky, relaxing and ethically sound - an Aquarius’s home would simply not be complete without them.



No one knows the importance of ‘contemplative chill’ as much as a Pisces. These teas are the perfect way for this water sign to do their 3 favourite things: sit, think, and feel - accompanied by delicious flavour.



‘On the move’ is basically an Aries mantra. And while there might not be many places to go right now, at the very least, this portable and stylish, steel insulated bottle will remind the fire sign to chill out.



A homebody at heart, the holiday season is a sacred time for Tauruses. So this Christmas, get them a Hand-poured vegan candle (we recommend the wild fig and grape scent) with a burn time of 40 hours - to keep them in peaceful company.





This sign gets two suggestions - and not just for their split personality. Gemini’s adore coffee to keep them perky for their deep Wikipedia dives and subsequent intellectual discussions (rants). We kid. But along with the great quality ground Columbian coffee, they’ll appreciate this funny recycled paper Christmas card. Because, Kanye. Duh.



A gift that invites a spa day is basically a Cancer’s love language. And this water sign loves love. Plus, this zero waste beauty gift set loves the planet too. Win win.



A Leo loves to put their best face forward to the world. But because during this holiday season we’ll have to cover our face sometimes, it’s important to give them another way to shine. This pretty and vibrant face mask is the perfect solution to the ‘Leo's Lacking Attention 2020’ crisis!



Being a sign that values practicality and efficiency, Virgo’s will go nuts for a multi-purpose, genuinely useful gift. This remedy salve is just that. Not to mention, it’s equally earthy to Virgo energy.



Beauty is a term, feeling, and way of life that Libras know all too well. Giving them this Rose Quartz facial roller for Christmas which is both beautiful and utilisable for enhancing beauty, is essentially giving them the perfect aesthetically-pleasing balance that Libras always crave. You’re welcome!



If there’s anything a Scorpio desperately needs during the holiday season, it’s a cocktail. If bored, detailing the 6 English botanical notes make a great talking point; and once you’re feeling burnt out, this rosé vermouth is the perfect remedy for prolonged time spent with family.



Rumour has it that Santa himself is a Sagittarius. And with all that sleigh travelling and jolly laughter, I would believe it. It’s hard to imagine a Sag running a workshop filled with elves who are definitely all Virgos, Cancers and Tauruses though.

We digress. Since it’s hard to find a Sagittarius at home, or in one place for too long at all - a gift that serves them well on the go is the best choice. This natural deodorant will keep them feeling fresh and sexy on all their miscellaneous adventures.



Matcha boosts metabolism, improves concentration and provides natural energy without the anxiety. Need we say more? Capricorns love the creme de la creme, and this high grade Matcha powder is exactly that. Plus, it will perfectly aid their workaholic tendencies all throughout the holiday season.

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