Technology meets greener cities!

Technology meets greener cities - Google announced last week the launch of the Tree Canopy Lab, an AI-based platform that uses aerial imagery to help cities see their current tree coverage and allows for effective planning of future tree planting! The Tree Canopy Lab is currently only available in Los Angeles but will be rolled out worldwide shortly. It is no surprise that extreme temperatures are returning every year - especially in cities, where buildings and asphalt trap heat, this risks many health concerns, from dehydration to poor air quality. 

Google has put together an algorithm that analyses satellite images collected from planes during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons. Combining these with the data analysis capabilities of Google AI and Google Earth Engine, the platform locates all trees in a city and measures their density. The imagery used for Tree Canopy Lab’s calculations includes colour photos that carefully represent how a city might be seen from the sky.

Although the reality of rising temperatures and more intense heat waves will not disappear, it is great to note the effort from Google to support environmental initiatives that those in densely populated areas face. The technology allows us to create greener cities and bring cooler temperatures to our neighbourhoods. Hundreds of cities will benefit from this technology in the coming years.

Say hello to cleaner cities!

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