Welcome to the Maitree family!

Welcome to the Maitree family! We’re glad to have you here with us. You’re now officially in the mix to hear all about our amazing products, new releases and special offers. 

But hey, we’re not all about the sustainable prezzies... Maitree is here to make a difference to the way we live and consume. So, we will be sharing tips and tricks for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle and how you can make a small, but significant, impact on the planet! But before we do all of that, we wanted to introduce how Maitree started and why we are on this journey together.  

During the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2019/20, we tried to focus on the positive to get through unprecedented times. We couldn’t help but notice the clear water in the Venice canals, blue skies over Delhi and wild animals roaming in locked-down cities. We were made aware, first-hand, of the impact that a change in human behaviour could have on the environment. We felt a sense of responsibility to change our own behaviour to have a more positive impact on the Earth.

During COVID-19, we also felt the pain of not being able to celebrate our loved ones’ special events due to lockdown restrictions. More than ever, we found ourselves wanting to connect with our loved ones in different ways than we were used to. One of these ways was to let them know we were thinking of them through gifts we knew they’d love.

As we began to adopt more sustainable practices in our own lives, we become increasingly aware of the lack of options for eco-friendly gifts. Whilst there are plenty of promising options out there for purchasing eco-friendly everyday items for ourselves, we struggled to find suitable, sustainable gifts. 

More than that, we noticed there wasn’t a platform on which to find eco-friendly treats (and not just everyday items) for ourselves - because we all need a little treat every now and then, be it a scented candle or an organic cocktail.

We thus connected our desire to celebrate meaningful relationships with our desire to live more sustainable lifestyles and positively impact the environment. That’s how we formed Maitree, a marketplace for sustainable gifts and treats for yourself or your loved ones. 

We aim to help those who care about the greater impact of their purchases on the environment by offering products that align with their socio-economic and environmental values. Too often we are told as consumers that our choices are harmful, but more often there are simply not enough sustainable options for us to choose from. We want to change that.

Our ultimate vision is to place sustainability at the forefront of all celebrations. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or ‘just because’, Maitree offers sustainable gift choices for all your special occasions. Our products are carefully vetted to ensure they uphold our sustainable values.

On Maitree, you can find gifts that are good for the Earth; gifts you can feel good about giving.

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