40kg of leftover fabric upcycled

Let’s talk about Upcycling! You’ve heard of the 3 ‘R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle), but there’s also an important ‘U’ for Upcycle. Upcycling is reinventing unwanted materials - it’s a creative reuse of byproducts, transforming them into new and useful products.

Upcycling eliminates the need to manufacture new products with the Earth’s finite resources. Instead, materials are carefully reused and the global production footprint of the new product is considerably reduced. Upcycling is a win-win: it results in reduced air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while drastically reducing production costs for new products.

Our partner, ODDEND, makes products that are a perfect example of how upcycling not only helps reduce waste, but can also lead to beautiful design. ODDEND creates stylishly handmade products, such as plant pots and pouch bags, from leftover/surplus fabrics. We love them because they show us the craftsmanship involved in taking what’s essentially someone else’s rubbish and making stylish products out of it.

This week we are celebrating the fact that ODDEND have successfully sourced and upcycled 40kg of fabric from Silent Gliss UK (producers of dream products for interior and architectural projects), which would’ve otherwise gone to landfill - a massive achievement!

What’s more, we’re proud to list ODDEND right here on Maitree, where you can check out their collection of beautifully upcycled plant pots/storage baskets and pouch bags/clutches, in a variety of colours and styles - bluered, pink, beige, lined - suited to your desires.


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