Nzambi Matee discovers a way to make bricks from recycled plastic

This week we're sharing an incredible story of innovation, inspired by Nzambi Matee, a young woman in Kenya who has started manufacturing bricks that are stronger than concrete from recycled plastic. Some of you might have seen it trending on your feeds already, but we just can't get enough of this news. 


Matee's startup, Gjenge Makers, was founded by the 29-year-old entrepreneur to combat plastic pollution after she felt government officials were not taking swift enough action. The company transforms plastic waste into durable construction products, producing up to an impressive 1500 bricks a day. They have recycled up to 20 tons of plastic waste.

Matee has been quoted saying 'it is absurd that we still have this problem of providing decent shelter – a basic human need ... plastic is a material that is misused and misunderstood. the potential is enormous, but its after life can be disastrous.’ She also told Reuters 'There is waste they cannot process anymore; they cannot recycle. That is what we get.' 


We couldn't agree with her more. As someone who says she was 'tired of being on the sidelines' and took matters into her own hands to help fight plastic waste, she shows us all that one individual's actions really can make the biggest of differences.

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