The world's most sustainable drinks company

As January ends, we're officially getting 'in the spirit' and kicking off February with a blog post about beer (okay, our pun would've worked better if we were writing about spirits but hey, we tried). Today we wanted to highlight BrewDog as a company who we feel are making a conscious effort to operate in an eco-friendly manner, showing us that strides towards sustainability can be taken in all industries, even those that aren't always front of mind when we talk about sustainability.

The legends behind the world famous BrewDog have got grand plans. They have submitted proposals for an eco-friendly development at their Ellon HQ in Scotland. The brains behind BrewDog submitted an application to make an anaerobic digestion plant, which collects the bacteria in the air and breaks it down in an eco-friendly way. In addition to this, further plans were submitted for a water treatment plant, an energy generation centre and a CO2 recovery plant. The application is part of BrewDog’s grand plans to become the “World’s Most Sustainable Drinks Company”. 

Like most planning applications regardless of the eco-friendly credentials there’s strong opposition against the expansion. Local residents have concerns from the impact on the countryside, odours as a result of the brewery and noise. It may be some time until we find out whether or not BrewDog will be able to get the green light however, we will be sure to keep you updated via our story as more develops. But for now, let’s all cross our fingers and hope that one day soon we’ll be drinking the World’s Most Sustainable Drink - BrewDog. 

Read more about BrewDog's sustainable initiatives here or check out our very own eco-friendly, vegan cocktail kits below. They're perfect for a Valentine's night in.




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