Innovations in technology: Solar panel remote controls

Samsung is back at it again! Samsung is known for their smartphones and televisions but they definitely deserve some credit for their eco-friendly credentials. With their upcoming launch of their new 4K and 8K TVs, they have spent time redesigning the most important element of their tv. You guessed it - their remote controls are eco-friendly and not only have they continuously innovated, they have done so with class. The new Samsung remote controls have a solar panel built in to reduce the need for those triple AAA batteries every other year. 

As most of us adapt to a new norm of working from home, it is no surprise our TV remotes are getting used a lot more. It’s an unnoticed contributor to our digital footprint. The new solar powered eco remote is far smaller than previous models and also is made from 28% recycled polyethylene terephthalate netting out at a total weight of 31 grams.


Samsung's solar powered remote control


Samsung believes this innovative design change to an everyday product will result in a reduction of tons of plastic waste every year. Additionally, the large conglomerate partnered with Deezen to come up with creative ways to upcycle cardboard waste from the unboxing of TVs, they’re aiming to upcycle 200,000 tons of cardboard waste and make them into household items by simply following the instructions on the QR code. A round of applause for Samsung for reinventing their design and encouraging TV owners to do more. A necessary step in the right-direction for our planet. 

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