Paris removes 70,000 parking spaces

As the acceleration of climate change becomes more prominent, major cities across the world are feeling obliged to step-up and support carbon reduction efforts. As the world came to a stop over a year ago, the cleaner cities were shared on news outlets globally and the astonishment to locals and foreigners was well received. There’s a clear consensus that there’s an opportunity to sustain and not return to pre-pandemic levels. As a result, authorities in the French capital are targeting 70,000 on-street parking spots to free up space. 

Deputy mayor of Paris stated “we can no longer use 50% of the capital for cars when they represent only 13% of journeys” - this proactive response from the deputy mayor was well received by local residents. Local residents are encouraged by the proposals as the number of private vehicles registered within the capital is falling annually. The removal of 70,000 surface parking spots will allow for more eco-friendly transport options and leisure pursuits such as more trees, children’s playgrounds and bike lock-up areas. 

The removal of approximately 50% of all parking spaces in Paris will hopefully encourage the take-up of other healthier, less polluting and space-efficient forms of transport, including cycles. Paris like many European countries is moving towards the “15-min city” whereby quality of life should improve as a result of cleaner air and more accessibility to necessary amenities in close proximity. The plans by the Parisians are bold, however, we are encouraged to see such densely populated metropolitans adopt the move to an eco-friendlier city.

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