A year in search (with thanks to Google)

This week we thought we’d reflect on the crazy year we’ve had. Even though the negatives stood out for many of us, there were some surprisingly positive search trends, courtesy of Google’s Year in Search. We've chosen our favourite, uplifting searches to share with you below.

Rising seas. Deforestation. Greenhouse gases. Wildfires. 2020 saw us searching how to stop climate change more than ever. 


This year, we focused on helping others more than we focused on ourselves - how to donate was searched twice as much as how to save money. During the onset of COVID-19 people wanted to help. PPE, blood and plasma were among the to things we searched to donate.


The world searched how to help more than ever. Trending how-to-helps: How to help Australia fires, How to help Black Lives Matter, How to help during coronavirus, How to help Indian farmers. 

The top searched organisation that Britain wanted to volunteer for this year was the NHS.

UK searches for racial equality nearly doubled in 2020 as more people searched for how to raise awareness and support. 

Comfort foods may have got us through March, but… how to start a vegetable garden was searched twice as much in 2020 than 2019.

Health care workers’ bravery inspired us all. The top-searched thing that people wanted to become during a pandemic year was a nurse. 

Key workers became our lifelines this year. Global searches for how to thank hit an all-time high, with teachers, bus drivers, nurses, and doctors topping our gratitude lists.

In 2020, worldwide searches for support for small business doubled compared to the previous year. As small businesses were among those hardest hit by COVID-19. Searches for 'support small businesses' increased tenfold in March, just after the onset of COVID-19, and have remained above 2019 levels ever since.

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