Green energy is here to stay

Welcome to our first positive news post! Every Monday we'll be sharing news to highlight positive progress being made to save the Earth.

This week we are highlighting Green Energy as our positive news share. Green is here to stay. For many, green came across as a fad. Today, we have shifted towards an environmentally conscious generation who can visually see the impact of global warming. The great news is that we can reverse the majority of the damage and green solutions are becoming incredibly affordable. 

Solar is now the cheapest form of electricity. The cost of cadmium telluride could fall by more than 45% which is the key element to making solar panels more affordable. 

What does this mean for us? 

We no longer have to power our households from harmful fossil fuels. Greener energy is here to stay. Clean energy technologies are becoming increasingly more cost-efficient. “Green energy” has many positive benefits outside of the environmental space. Investors are now rethinking their ethics. They want to ensure that corporations are taking on their fair share of responsibility to do better for the world. Not only is this promoting the rise of innovative green technologies, it is also reducing the demand for rigid harmful business practices. 

According to the International Energy Agency’s 2020 World Energy Outlook report, electricity produced by solar panels is cheaper than coal or natural gas alternatives in most major countries. A major win for a world where renewable energy previously had a weak voice! We are edging closer to a world where fossil fuels will be the anomaly. 

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