Sweden builds ‘renoducts’ for reindeers as a result of global warming

‘Renoducts’ is the newly given name by Swedish transport authorities for the bridges they are building for reindeer. A blend of reindeer and viaduct to form renoduct. These newly constructed renoducts will help Sweden’s 250,000 reindeers cross busy roads as they navigate further afield to find food.

Warmer summers, and wetter winters are making it extremely difficult for reindeers to find food. Reindeer consume lichen which they normally sniff through the snow to find, however, as a result of the rain fall and freezing temperatures, a new layer of ice is formed, making it challenging for reindeer to sniff out lichen.

The formation of a dozen new bridges in Sweden will allow the 250,000 reindeer and their 4,500 Sami’s (owners) to explore freely to alternative pastures. The bridges will reduce road-traffic collisions and will also be built with 2m high fences to ensure the safety of the reindeer as they cross. The bridges have been carefully designed to ensure reindeer do not feel trapped and remove the feeling of entering a tunnel. Although this is great news and a testament to the Swedish authorities - it is also a reminder that climate change and the global heating of our planet is disrupting the ecosystem for many animals.


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